Calico Jack’s “In the Wild” Tours

Begin your journey back through time as you enter the amazing realm of Belize’s cave system. Belize’s cave system is the largest in Central America and caving and the trails to them in Belize offer you an opportunity to explore the world and ways of the Maya and geographical processes that shaped the region.

Caves are inextricably linked to the history of Belize and the Maya. Caves were fundamental to the religion of the Maya.
It is at the mouths of the caves as well as deep within their recesses that the Maya performed their sacred rituals.

Not an adventure buff thought curious about or enthralled by the rainforest? We offer the tours below which combine walking or hiking with caving and other activities that reveal the wonders of the jungle—onsite and offsite (*)!

Bega One Cave and Trail: Take an exhilarating hike to Bega One (Valley One) Cave view crystal formations over 5,000,000 years old and experience sacred areas of the ancient Maya including a Mayan Calendar and an alter used for sacred rites. Price: US$40.00

Box-Tunich Cave and Trail: After exhilarating uphill hike through Rock Canyon hike into BoxTunich (Stone Box) Cave and view
extensive polychrome pottery remnants, the ancient formations (speleoteam) with the secondary calcium carbonate and a sacred ceremonial chamber used by the ancient Maya. Price: US$40.00.

*Barton Creek Cave: Barton Creek is a large river cave possibly over 4.5 miles long. The cave consists of giant passages covered with numerous large speleothems over a navigable river. These features of the cave have made it a popular tourist destination. Pricing includes entrance fee, guide, equipment and round trip transfer between CJV and tour site. Price: US$90.00

*Cave tubing: Combine cave tubing and cave exploration in exploring this incredible river cave system. Ancient Maya ceremonial centers, pottery,
artifacts, altars, obsidian blood-letting blades, jade and the footprints of the Shaman and priests dated to 400 A.D. are still seen. Imagine the experience as you float through a cathedral and the lights are turned off leaving one with the sensation of floating in timelessness. Price: US$99.00. This tour requires 4 days’ notice for booking.

*Actun Tunichil Muknal: The Mayan ruins of Actun Tunichil Muknal are located on the Western Highway in The Cayo District. In the Mayan language, the name means Cave of the Stone Sepulcher. After gearing up with professional cave helmets, lights and waterproof bags, you will venture into the cave to explore the underworld of the Maya. At the entrance to the cave, you will have a short swim through crystal clear cave water, into passages filled with cave formations. Pricing includes round trip transfer, guide, and entrance fees. Price: US$170.00. This tour requires 4 days’ notice for booking.

Ancient Jungle Garden Trail: This 45 minute hiking trail which boasts a variety of plants and trees gives visitors an opportunity to learn about the many medicinal properties of rainforest plants and trees used by the ancient Maya in their daily remedies. The intent of this guided tour is to spread the knowledge of Mayan healing traditions and also of rainforest preservation. Price: US$30.00

La Vega Trail: Join our knowledgeable guides on a 2 hour hike through the jungle culminating in a dip in our natural creek or swimming hole,
La Vega. Price includes picnic lunch at destination. Price: US$65.25

Night Crawler Trail: Would you like to experience the exotic and thrilling beauty of the jungle creatures at night? Our knowledgeable guides
will take you on a 45-minute hike which exposes you to trails that are generally populated with nocturnal critters such as ant eaters, toads, owls, ocelots, tarantulas, snakes, jaguarondis, and other interesting jungle creatures. Price: US$30.00